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Patrick Lencioni acaba de lançar um novo livro chamado Getting Naked, sobre vulnerabilidade e humildade no mundo dos serviços.

Veja abaixo a carta do nosso “guru” sobre mais uma Leitura que Funciona.

Hello Friends,

We are enlisting our clients, families and friends of The Table Group for a favor relating to my new book, Getting Naked. I think you’ll like this book, which isn’t as salacious as it might sound. In fact, it’s about vulnerability and humility in the world of service. It provides very practical and, I think, powerful tips for anyone in the business of serving clients. And according to early readers (and my mom), it’s my best work of fiction yet.

Anyhow, starting Monday, Barnes & Noble is doing a special table-top promotion of Getting Naked, as well as a handful of my previous books. If you haven’t already purchased one, we would really appreciate it if you would consider going to one of your local stores to pick up a copy of the book between now and February 28th. Of course, if you’d like to buy the book at another store or online, that would be okay too. And just to make it interesting, send us an e-mail, including where/when you purchased your book, to We will have two drawings with an opportunity to win an admittance to my Special Management Program at HSM in New York or a $500 credit to ourTable Group store.

More than anything though, we’ll just be really grateful. Whether you’re able to help us or not, thank you for your support of our work at The Table Group, and God bless you all.


Pat Lencioni

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