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Web é para conteúdo (e propaganda) segmentado?

Trechos de uma entrevista da WAN (Associação Mundial dos Jornais) com o CEO de um dos braços da Publicis, sobre propaganda online.

Paris, France, and Darmstadt, Germany, 6 November 2009
For immediate release
Advertising Chief: Newspapers Must Learn More About The Web
Olivier Fleurot Publicis

[Online advertising] “is not efficient in all cases at all. You will always need mass
media when, for example, you launch a product on a very broad scale. So you
know, you have to consider the traditional media as a sort of place where
you understand what’s going on, which is safe, and you must think of the web
as a place where you are an explorer,” said Olivier Fleurot, a chief executive for the
advertising and public relations giant Publicis and former Chief Executive of the
Financial Times Group.

“Clearly, one thing that is absolutely key is to understand, especially
after a terrible year like this year, is that advertisers are looking for
return on investment. So the more you can offer on ways to measure return on
investment, the better. And there are ways to do it,” Mr Fleurot said.

“I think newspapers still have a lot more to do towards providing more data,
but quality data. It’s easy to say, ‘I have one million unique users a
month.’  But that doesn’t mean anything. You need to go much further, and
qualify who these people are, and, with the one million unique users, which
ones can really be interesting for advertising,” he said.

To help agencies target those audiences, news websites “need to offer a
context that is of high quality. So, there, the question is, ‘how do you
distinguish your content from others, and why should people come to you?’ I
think there is only one solution: to be very specific about the content that
you can deliver, and the quality of that content, and being the best in that
segment of the market.”

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